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Rocket League used to work on a plunder box framework

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    February 18, 2021 6:45 AM GMT

    Rocket League Trading used to work on a plunder box framework. Aside from plunder boxes, you could get top notch DLC, for example, the Fast and Furious pack. These would sell for 10-15 dollars and were untradable. Since the time the Blueprint update in December of 2019, both plunder boxes and premium DLC were inaccessible for procurement. The precarious thing is, in the event that you acquired a superior DLC before Psyonix eliminated them, you can in any case utilize the things. So separated from purchasing a record, there is as of now no real way to get these things.

    New off the finish of the X Games cooperation, Rocket League Items will drop its next update on February 1. The fix notes say there are some new substance and a couple of personal satisfaction upgrades accompanying the update. The most outstanding things are the patched up Esports Shop and some invite extra impacts settings.