Once they've left, go over to the doorway

  • Opening briefing: Lucien has not only gained the Staff of Armadyl but RS gold also the Stone of Jas. War is likely to be on the horizon. Following the time that Lucien discovered the Stone of Jas The only one who may know about it fled the Lumbridge caves. In the meantime, the Red Axe Corporation has returned to Keldagrim and is refusing to speak of their sanity, while King Narnode is becoming more concerned about the threat of Arposandra. Questions are raging: what is Lucien going to do what will he do, where is Movario, why did Glouphrie the Untrusted kill Argento before he left several years ago, and what does the Drunken Dwarf's assertions of Dragons have to have to do with the Red Axe? Answers shall appear and also what the King Black Dragon says are the consequence of asking the question.

    To start out, talk to Commander Veldaban in Keldagrim in Keldagrim. You will discover that the Red Axe has appeared. You will need to reach out to the Consortium to get to learn more. Speak to the executive from the company you helped in Giant Dwarf, and do an interview for him. When you get back, the Red Axe will inform you that they've purchased your contract. You work for them now. Although this isn't as pleasant as it may be, you need to talk to your boss, Hreidmar. You must do a job for him, and you'll be fired at the moment.

    Utilize your skills as a thief to find them. Be sure to follow them, but don't go close. Colonel Grimmson might detect you. Keep at least five squares in front of them. As they approach Hreidmar's home, spy at the window to see the way they're being connected. They will be commanded to meet at "the spot" by a figure. They will be taken there by the Boatman. You'll need food and combat equipment before you are able to stow away on the vessel. This is going to be ugly, I swear.

    Head to head to Dwarven Boatman. Instead of talking to him, take a ride on the ship, and the Red Axe members will tell them that they will give an adamant bar load to "them". In a short time, you'll be taken down to the Keldagrim cave, which only the Red Axe knows about. It isn't a good idea for the Red Axe members to advance to the next room, so stay until they are able to do so.

    Once they've left, go over to the doorway to look for traps. After disabling the traps, walk through the door and look on the balcony. There are three Dragonkin below, one of which has a name: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one of the Kin that you met after Guthix Sleeps. The Red Axe members will enter. They're allies. What is the reason why the Dragonkin require allies composed of businessmen who are soulless and have such economic power they could cause recessions or flagrantly violate the law? That is cheap OSRS gold a question I believe answers itself. The conversation continues: