Gift purchasing is also restricted

  • The gift merchant is gone, the gift purchasing merchant is still there! Purchasing merchants use "hanging accessories" to purchase recharge cards to obtain a large amount of Steam balance and then purchase games for people to make a difference. Moreover, the purchase price is usually a little lower than the price in the Steam mall, and players can also make a profit. To put it simply, Daigou is selling services to earn hard money, which means changing money through labor. Help customers save the steps of finding a recharge card and going to a third-party market to buy accessories and selling them on the Steam community market and then give customers a lower price than the Steam store page.

    The gift agents bought the game directly from the Steam store to give gifts. This actually has little effect on Steam, but Steam still fights hard, and the gift agents can only helplessly play GG.

    In the past, Steam was able to give people tons of gifts no matter how much they spend, so gift agents will use robot accounts to give gifts to others. It is not a problem to sell tens of thousands of games a day, but the robot account itself is not a problem. Maybe buy games for yourself. 2019 gift rule changes, according to netizens test (Steam did not announce specific details), one account can give other accounts about 1.8 yuan gift permission for every 1 yuan spent, which means that you can’t give it to your friends if you don’t spend enough. gift!

    In this way, gift agents can only withdraw from the Steam gold rush group!

    Despite this, some people are still unwilling to give up the gold mine of Steam. The remaining gold rush group is probably some stubborn jewelry merchants, as well as CDkey merchants! Although Steam has made heavy blows to the jewelry merchants time and time again, some are still insisting. "Team Fortress 2" is currently in a situation where there are more merchants than players. Although "CSGO" has been repeatedly hit, there are still many businessmen, because the CSGO market is really too big!

    There is another category of CDkey merchants. Because CDkey is different from gifts, although Steam also restricts CDkey cross-regional transactions, there is no gift so strict. There are generally two types of CDkey merchants. One is to buy keys that can be used on the website but sold in the locked country and sell them to Chinese players. A typical example is "Call of Duty: WWII" and its previous works.

    The other is that when foreign key websites have discounts or large package activities, but the Steam mall does not offer discounts, buying low-priced keys will make a difference by selling them at a lower price than the Steam mall. And keys generally do not expire, and you can also store them as you did before, but the complexity of buying keys is much higher than that of storing gifts and purchasing.

    The income of purchasing merchants and CDkey merchants is getting lower and lower, and they have no choice but to put the market into Steam Level. However, the market that provides Buy Steam Lvl Fast services is relatively niche, and merchants are struggling to move forward.