It's been crazy the way RuneScape itself has changed

  • Just different classes, so a person ranging a man in rune will have the very same dps as RuneScape gold a guy meleeing a mage. Alot of things got nerfed/buffed. Today its nerfed. Pking is not just'click on atk-food-repeat till u die' anymore. It requires skill, timing, accuracy, reflexes, prediction and strategy. Spamming abilitiesstrategic combos. A man in bronze who knows what he's doing could out match a man in rune who doesnt have an idea. . Longbows are at present sheild bows. . (weaker, but provides def and hp) All armour currently gives an hp bonus.

    I logged in now for the first time in almost three years and it's been crazy the way the game itself has changed. I mean, I quit back in 08/09 and proceeded on to CSS and other steam games however I can not return at this game without remembering all of the fun times I had in it with people, a few of whom are still on this site(tabt, taker, imsleepy, goggie, etc). It's really crazy how people and the sport itself has shifted, it's like taking a look at the world over the past hundred years(Nicely MAYBE not as intense hahahaha.) .

    There's so many things different; the playerbase, the gameplay and the feeling of everything. 1 thing that really shocked me was the clan chat at this hour, it is not even nearly as full as it used to be. What happened? It's shocking how a change such as this could occur but I figure if I'd been here all along I would not have noticed it just as much. Taking a look at the single post I made on this account and viewing my own modifications make some sense of the I guess. It's just a completely different place and air than you remember.

    Anyhow , off of that weird, rambling entrance, I was wondering whether somebody could essentially just explain how most things work nowadays in the match. What have beent he major changes besides EoC? Have they added any other lands/areas/cities? I really want to try and get back to this game, it's the only real game of it's type I ever was able to get immersed into to and enjoy with people I knew and met along the way. I'm hoping I can but I want some kind of sense of whats going on hahaha.

    Ok, so I've done some things against the principles with my accounts before. I've given it away when I had been sure I had been done with the game. Recently I attempted to get it back. The account's registered email(which was mine) was changed some where over one year ago. So obviously, I shouldn't receive an email right? Howeverthis morning, I received an email from authorized (at) jagex dot com. They explained that they had signs of me trading runescape accounts or things in actual life. Ok yes, I've done this. (Incidentally, I have never purchased anything. Not too important, I am just wanting to let people know I'm not dumb enough to do this ) They said they would watch my account, and buy OSRS gold if it persisted, I'd be subject to a suit for.