RuneScape a fantastic sport to play

  • I did not see this in updates or RS gold announcements, so I decided to put it here for people to discuss. Dear RuneScape Community, I would love to have a moment of your time to deal with the highly emotive issue we face as a neighborhood -- bots. At the start of the year, when we introduced Free Trade and the Wilderness ago, we promised that we'd couple that using programmes that would battle the inevitable botting that could result from that choice. Throughout the last few months we've initiated a number of programmes to do this, some of which we have already mentioned to you, a few of which we have not because of legal reasons and some since we do not wish to frighten gold farmers and bot manufacturers about our counter steps.

    We are committed to ridding our sport of bots. We are committed to providing a more open discussion with you regarding the actual challenges that we face as a result of our efforts. We're dedicated to involving you in this war so we are able to win this fight together. Most of all, we're committed to continuing our investment in making and evolving RuneScape a fantastic sport to play along with an amazing community to be a part of. Thanks.

    Anybody see the effects of the bot busting update? Personally, I see myself getting a rapier as a complete mother fudgebrownieing joke. I'd exchange my rapier to get a maul now and also a ZS, it's so dumb. I attempt going suspend dragons, I tab out first because I was not sure about flame, second trip appears sucessful - till, whups! Mother fudger puts his deflection protect the minute my rapier strikes. I understand this takes out bots, however, to be honest - I would rather have 5 billion robots there afterward how this really is. I just lost ~400k in bones because of this. Screw Jagex - I can not even be bothered. They're only allowing FT/W because they care about gold farmers (yeahthey took out Gold4rs. Big whup. I notice they are not persueing gold4fun) Personally, this is endangering all of the support I'd about Jagex whatsoever. Once Modern Combat 3 comes out (it is an app), I'm likely unsubscribing. If you are scared of dieing, don't go with any type of boosts, e.g. Turmoil/Extremes differently you will wreck yourself. If you do bring Turmoil/Extremes, bring a rocktail with 1 dose of brew and one dose of revive. You are going to want it, I guarantee you. Watch out the hell for melee strikes. RS Wiki and other idiots state that range is bad, so not correct. Melee are also a big killer (melee the drags themselves utilize ).

    Be prepared to die. Jagex is finally redeeming Frost Dragons as potential killers. This will also probably be excellent practice for TD's/vice versa. If you rage easily (erm...) be ready to.

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