If your combat level is good enough to kill Green dragons

  • I've been studying OSRS gold the market and zammorak armour seems as if its going to go back up again but at this point I dont believe it will go down much more if I ivest and purchase some armour to market back when its greater? Also what other merchanting tips can you give me? Perfect question since I'm merchanint zammy armor because we talk... Here is my suggestion: 1:buy for 1.7m and sell for 1.8m ONLY when the graph is going down, otherwise you may LOSE money. 2: it takes about 6hours before you can buy/sell that, so put at the grand trade early in the morning so when you get home from college you'll be able to purchase then market again (then before going to bed take action ). 3: you get around 100k from every moment, but dont buy stuff with that right away just in case you need to purchase the zammy for longer then you sold it for (trust me, it occurs all the time, and if it occurs, but for maximum price IMMEDIALTY until it climbs even more. . .so you dont invest another 130k lol).

    Hi guys. I'm likely to perform Dream Mentor and want to know whether my inventory/worn things are sufficient to kill the supervisors. So what do you guys say? Will I have big difficulties or can it be worth a try. Please tell me if you recommend other products. Is a d hally ok or do I need to buy a whip? What about ddp++?

    If your combat level is good enough to kill Green dragons, then that IS the best way for 43 prayer. Kill them, collect the bones, then visit a gilded change or Ectofuntus (sp?) And use them . Dude I was able to do it in your level you only need to know what you're up against. This isn't an easy minigame but it is well worth doing.

    For armor I'd suggest getting torag's platebody and platelegs since the defensive bonuses make an enormous huge difference. If you want you can get a helm also (you can just repair and sell these when you're finished, should not be more then 5k to get repairsl). You'll require a fantastic guard so select an rune kite+ And ensure that your cheap RuneScape gold weapon is good, I would use a whip in conjunction with a DDS for your spec as well as the stab strikes.