The cows in the pencil beside the Crafting Guild have been murd

  • Hollow-Heals 84 energy over 28 seconds-70 construction-These beds will occasionally collapse, however if they do, then you RuneScape gold fall into them for a short while, and you can acquire specific"under the bed" items. Dream-Heals 96 energy over 29 seconds-75 construction-This Bed lets you go to a dream world temporarily, letting you cut more Fantasy trees and allowing you to locate Fantasy Runes (Used in Fantasy Magic, clarified later). Gives you 5 additional recovered energy over time! Gives you 14 additional recovered energy over time!

    Dramen pillow-Collect 15 Dramen leaves and use them with a pillow case (bought from any general shop ), and use a needle and thread to complete it off! Gives you 27 extra recovered energy over sleep time! Gives you 35 extra recovered energy over sleep time!

    To begin this event, visit Draynor village at Neds home. There you'll see old holly jolly Santa yelling as swimming of tears (Seriously, there'll be a pool of tears. You need to jump over them to get to Ned.) . Speak to Santa to get a conversation starting the event!

    With either choice, head off to Falador to get your event done! In your way to Falador, you'll get abducted at the gates the second you input (If you teleport, you may teleport here instead). A small Elf will ask you three questions to find out whether they ought to let you go or not. The actual evaluation is to find the questions wrong, or else they'll keep you and you are going to need to test over again. Or"What quest does Sir Amik Varze first send people " . These questions are easy, so it will be tough to find em wrong!

    The cows in the pencil beside the Crafting Guild have been murdered by anybody who desires to walk in there and only get their hides (probably for selling). I, however, see thee cows as property of the Crafting Guild (particularly because buy OSRS gold there's a Tanner upstairs) and that the cows should be a earned privelage.